Monday Squat Pr

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70 x 5 / 70 x 5 / 90 x 5 / 100 x 5/ 110 x 5 / 120 x 5 / 130 x 5/ PR 140 x 5!!

Very happy with that. That was  big mental barrier that I had for a while, and I am please to break through it. 

Snatch w/ Pause at Knee

50 x 2 / 50 x 2 / 60 / 70 M( wow) / 70 / 75x / 75 / 82 PR! / 

I had no motor control on a few of the light snatches after those squats. Not used to squatting first. 

Pause Clean

 50 x 2 / 70 x 2 / 80 / 90 / 100x

Wow, I’ve found a weakness. Also, damn I am beat. 

Chest Supported Row

50 x 10 / 60 x 10 / 70 x 5 / 75 x 3 / 80 x 1

Single Leg RDLs




Friday April 25th Training

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Geez I am tired. Training is brutal right now. I’ve been hitting over 90% for TRIPLES pretty much every day. So by the end of the week, damn I’m beat.



50 x 3/ 50 x 2/ 60 x 2/ 60 x 2/ 70/ 80x/ 80/ 85x/ 85x/ 85x/ FUCK

Dropped down to work on a few things

60/ 60/ 65/ 70/ 70/ 75/

Power Clean

60 x 2/ 60 x 2/ 80/ 80 / 85 /

Clean DL

85 x 3 / 110 x 3/ 120 / 130 / 135 / 140 / 110 x 3 / 120 x 3


Forgot to post yesterdays training:

BTN Power Jerk Triples

60 x 3/ 60 x 3/ 80 x 3/ 90 x 3/ 95 x 3 PR/ 100 x 2, m on 3rd/ 100 x 3 PR/ 

Down sets 90 x 2 x 3

I actually had a contest with a friend that I write programming for out in Oregon. It was his best single power jerk versus my best triple. I hit a pr triple 5k off my best single, and tied with my best split jerk triple. He hit a power jerk higher than his clean and jerk, but it wasn’t enough to take the cake. Just shows what some competition can do, even if it’s not in the same place.

Snatch Grip Push Press

60 x 5/ 65 x 5/ 70 x 5

Clean Pull/Row Combo

70 x 5/ 80 x 5/ 80 x 5/ 90 x 5/ 90 x 5/ 90 x 5

Heavy day here. I’m feeling like hell, but just gotta push through it and come through victorious. 

Snatch Complex: Snatth + (2) Hang Snatches

50 1+2/ 50 / 60 / 70 / 75 / 80x miss on 3rd rep! / 80 miss on 1st/ 80 1+2 PR/

That was my heaviest triple in the snatch so far. Very happy considering how I am feeling today. On to some muscle snatches to work on 1st pull, finishing, and keeping to close.

Muscle Snatch

50 x 2 / 50 x 3/ 55 x 2/ 55 x 3 

First time really doing those. Pretty fun exercise once you get the hang ot them, and I could see how they are beneficial. Gonna add them in, mostly on my lighter days or when I start training 2x day. 


60 x 2/ 60 x 2/ 80 x 2/ 90 x 2/ 100/ 105k

Front Squat

70 x 3/ 90 x 3/ 100 x 3/ 110 x 3/ 115 x 3/ 120 x 3/ 125 x 1

Fuck I’m tired. training is hell right now.


Today is a ligher day. I also have a big test tomorrow, so I’m pretty rushed and stressed today. Been studying all day, so training will be a nice break. Then it’s right back to the grind.

Behind The Neck Push Press 5 x 5

50 x 5/ 50 x 5/ 60 x 5

66 x 5/ 65 x 5/ 70 x 5/ 70 x 5/ 70 x 5

Pleased with that performance Was pretty easy too.

Behind The Neck Jerks

60 x 3/ 60 x 3/ 80 x 3/ 90 x 3/ 100 x 3 for a PR tiple. 105 x 2, miss on 3rd. Was a pr double :).

Good Mornings

50 x 3/ 50 x 3/ 50 x 3

Light. Just wanted to work on a few things and practice my hinge pattern.



Today I am ramping the volume back up after a few weeks of some high intensity. The goal is to drive up the squat, get some good volume in with the lifts, and work on technique through repetition. If I’m doing triples, the first two reps should be perfect.

Snatch from blocks

40 x 3/ 40 x 3/ 50 x 3/ 50 x 3/ 60 x 3/ 60 x 3/

70 x 3/ 75 x 3 (Ties PR)/ 80 x 2, miss on 3rd/ 80 x 1, miss on 2nd rep

Drops sets at 90% of todays best: 65 x 3/ 65 x 3

The goal is 80k, but 

Clean and Jerk Complex

Clean/ 2 Front Squats/ 2 Jerks

The goal is 100k, but I suck at lowering jerks so…we’ll see

60/ 60/ 80/ 90/ 100 miss. 

So I hit the first jerk easily, but I couldn’t absorb the eccentric and had to bail out haha. I need to get better at lowering jerks. I was pissed, so I went ahead and hit a difficult clean triple at 105k. That is 231 pounds, and about 92 percent of my best clean. 

Time to squat: Back squats 5 x 5

 70 x 5/ 100 x 5

120k x 5/ 125 x 5/ 120 x 5/ 120 x 5/ 120 x 5

All in all it was a good day. It was definitely a blue collar “punch the clock” day. I was tired and sore from Saturday, but I got it done and hit some solid numbers along the way. Now it’s time to cool down, grab a protein shake, and hit the hot tub :).

Happy squatting my friends.


How Do You See Yourself?

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Before my foray into weightlifting which I am now hooked on, I was a golfer. Just as weightlifting is my life now, golf was for many years. I played in high school, took a year off to attend a golf academy, and ultimately played in college. I played for 2 and a half years in college before I quit because I no longer had a passion for it. But in that time, I was named captain and first team all conference. I haven’t touched a club since I quit, but there are some things I miss about the game. Aside from the competitive aspect of a tournament, the thing I miss most about golf is the mental game. Fortunately for me, and possibly surprising for many of you, weightlifting is exactly like golf in many ways. I like to call it golf with heavy weights, golf with an attitude, or golf on coffee. Either way, I have found that weightlifting has filled a void that was once taken up by golf.

The biggest similarity between golf and weightlifting is the mental game. Specifically the time right before you pull the trigger. Whether you are going for a PR snatch or trying to split a narrow fairway with water on the right, the process is the same. It is all you, your thought, and the 6 inches between your ears. In this time, you can learn more about yourself than in any other time. You will really learn what you think of yourself, and the self imposed limits that you place on yourself. It is easy to fake confidence when you are constantly with other people, or playing team sports. But when you are responsible for defeating gravity by yourself and yourself alone, shit gets real.


You hear your inner subconscious thoughts, and you see how you really see yourself. Sometimes you put up barriers, like a brick wall that needs to be knocked down. You try and try for that PR, but it just wont happen. Then suddenly before you pull, you flip that switch. That switch that says that you can do it. You see yourself victorious over the gravity of the barbell, hoisting that weight over head and slamming it down with emotion.

You become how you see yourself. That is why I love weightlifting. You can literally train yourself to transform your beliefs of yourself and your capabilities by lifting a heavy ass barbell overhead. Does it get any better than that?